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Pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Directors of the Delray Racquet Club Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the Association) by the Declaration of Condominium and Articles of Incorporation the following Rules and Regulations have been adopted. They shall apply to all members (unit owners), lessees (renters), guests and visitors, with the ultimate responsibility for compliance resting with the members.

One set will be issued to all unit owners. Unit owners are responsible for assuring that all lessees are given a copy of the rules and regulations and that all guests or visitors observe them as well. Failure to do so will make members responsible for any infractions along with whatever costs and legal actions that may ensue.

For any sale or rental you must have association approval prior to occupancy. You can obtain an application from the Condo office which is to be completed by all parties. With the application, there is a $50.00 application fee.

ENFORCEMENT: All violations of these rules and regulations shall be reported immediately to a member of the Board of Directors, an Association office and/or the management agent. Disagreements concerning violations including, without limitations, disagreements regarding the proper interpretation and effect of these rules and regulations, shall be presented to and determined by the Board of Directors of the Association, legal authority or assigned committee, whose interpretation of these rules and/or remedial actions shall be dispositive. In the event that any person, firm or entity subject to these rules and regulations, fails to abide by them, as they are interpreted by the Board of Directors, they shall be subject to legal action after written notice from the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors of the Association deems it necessary, it will bring action at law or in equity, in the name of the Association to enforce these rules and regulations. In the event any such action is instituted, and reduced to judgment in favor of the Association shall in addition be entitled to recover its costs and attorney's fees incurred in enforcing these rules and regulations.

ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP AND REGISTRATION: The Association is comprised of all unit owners. Each unit owner, upon assuming title to a unit should register with the Association office. Each lessee must be registered with the Association . With this registration all owners/lessees will be assigned security identification and parking space permits. However owners should notify the Association office in advance of such planned occupancy so as to receive an authorized security sticker. By law there is only one vote per unit and that applies only to owner(s). It is the responsibility of each owner to register the voter member at the condo office. Under certain conditions owner(s) have the right (with certain exceptions such as elections) to appoint a proxy for specific purposes. Clarification on this process may be obtained at the Condo office.

RENTALS: The Delray Racquet Club has been well known as an upscale rental community. Many present unit owners purchased their apartments for the sole purpose of a real estate investment. These rental units are leased either through agents or directly by owners. The Board of Directors believes that there is an important factor in the viability of our community and everything should be done to maintain and enhance this image.

However, as much as we desire to ensure our image as a high level rental community it is important that we do so without denigrating our property values by turning Delray Racquet Club into a high turnover community with short stays similar to a motel. This will lower its attractivenesses and subsequently lower property values.

Therefore, the Board of Directors has determined that rentals should be limited to a minimum of one month. This appears to be a reasonable criterion and we urge all unit owners who rent privately to maintain this standard. The demand for rentals is very high so owners will not be inconvenienced.

In the event the association should become aware of renters being accommodated for a lesser period of time, we will reluctantly take steps to ensure compliance with a one month minimum.

All unit owners who lease their apartments privately should be aware of the Florida Statute which requires all rentals of less than six months to be subject to the levying and collecting of both the sales and bed tax which totals about 10%. All real estate agents are aware of this law and they collect and remit this revenue to the state and county.

Owners who rent privately should be aware that the Florida Department of Revenue has been in contact with our association and that we may be forced to provide information to them in the future, so please be aware.

USE OF COMMON ELEMENTS: The common Elements of the Condominium are for the exclusive use of Association members and their immediate families, lessees, resident house guests and guests accompanied by a member.

NOISE: All noise, including without limitation, talking, singing, TV, radio, record players, tape recorders, or musical instruments shall be kept at such volume level that said noise is not audible outside of the boundaries of the Unit which it originates.

PETS: All pets must have board approval.

  1. No dangerous breeds are allowed. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, etc.

  2. Dogs must be leashed at all times.

  3. Dogs must be licensed and inoculated in accordance with both the City of Delray Beach and Palm Beach County requirements.

  4. Upon the death or other disposition of said pet, owners are not permitted to replace them.

  5. Dogs are not permitted in lobbies, elevators or around the interior lakeside paths.

  6. All dog owners are responsible for picking up after their animals. All waste shall be properly disposed of in the trash dumpsters on the ground floors.

  7. As a courtesy to all residents, it is suggested that dogs be walked and/or exercised outside grass perimeters of the complex. We have four (4) streets surrounding us. Use them.

  8. Do not leave your dog in an outside patio unattended. This is cruel to the animal and unfair to all residents.

  9. No reptiles of any kind are permitted.

  10. Failure to abide by these Rules & Regulations may result in the issuance of warnings and legal action.

All real estate agents have been advised of our pet policy. Individual owners who rent privately should include the “pet” policy in any rental agreements. If no rental agreements has been signed, owners will be responsible for informing their tenants accordingly and failure to do so will result in legal action by the Board of Directors null and voiding the lease.

OBSTRUCTIONS: There shall be no obstruction or cluttering of the Condominium property, including without limitation, driveways, automobile parking spaces, lawns, catwalks, entrance ways, stairways, patios, courts or vestibules, or other Common Element areas.

ALTERATIONS: There shall be no alteration and/or improvements to the exterior of a unit (including patios and balconies) without the written prior approval of the Board, including hurricane shutters. The Board has the right to determine the quality, style, type and color of such shutters. You may obtain an application from the association office.

INTERIOR STRUCTURAL CHANGES: No structural changes may be made without the following.

  • Board of Directors approval

  • Any necessary County and City permits

  • Use of fully licensed and insured contractors

Any variance from these requirements will result in owners being held responsible for a return to the original plan at owner's expense.

Work can only be done Monday thru Saturday from 8:30 am and not after 7:00 pm No work is permitted on Sunday.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: There shall be no marking, breaking, marring, damaging, destroying or defacing of any part of the Condominium property. Members shall be held responsible for, and shall bear any expense of such damage caused by said member, his family, guest, lessees and/or invitees.

DAMAGE TO COMMON ELEMENTS: Members shall be responsible for, and shall bear any expense, of any damage to the Common Elements caused by moving to or removing from any window, door, balcony, or terrace. Use and storage of barbecues and grills on balconies and terraces is prohibited by the City of Delray Fire Department. No appliances, bicycles, pots, receptacles, other decorative articles or any other loose or movable objects including drying clothes and towels, shall be kept, placed, hung, or maintained on any ledge, catwalk, balcony or terrace. All loose or movable objects shall be removed from balconies or terraces upon notice of any approaching hurricane or other inclement weather characterized by conditions of high winds. Failure to comply will result in removal of such articles by the Association management agent.

REFUSE: All refuse shall be properly and securely bagged, then placed down the trash chute located by the elevator on each floor. Ground floor residents may deposit their trash directly in the dumpster. For recycling matter (bottles, plastics, aluminum cans, newspapers and magazines) occupants shall place these items directly in the recycling containers located on the ground floor opposite the garbage dumpster. Do not fill up a dumpster with debris from condo renovation that may jam-up the trash chute.

SWIMMING POOLS AND SPA: Use of the pools and spa is limited to owners, lessees, guests, and their authorized visitors. Be considerate of others. Each pool has a limited capacity. Inviting people from nearby communities overloads that capacity. All persons use the pools at their own risk. The Association is not responsible for any accident and/or injuries. The following rules:

  1. Swimming is permitted only from 8:00 a.m. to dusk.

  2. Children under twelve (12) years of age must be supervised by responsible adult. Diapered children must wear protective pants at all times. Adequate lavatory facilities are available at both condo pools.

  3. Removal of poolside furniture from the deck area is not permitted. Vacant furniture shall not be reserved for periods beyond 15 minutes.

  4. All persons must shower before entering the pools at shower areas provided or in their units.

  5. No floats, balls toys or other objects, except swimming aids attached to the swimmer, are permitted in the pools or pool/deck area at any time.

  6. No pets shall be permitted in the pools or pool/deck area at any time.

  7. No running, diving, ball playing, rowdy behavior or excessive noise shall be permitted in the pool area.

  8. No food or beverages shall be permitted in the pool area.

  9. Persons using suntan oil, lotions or any other similar substance shall not use poolside furniture unless such furniture is completely covered by a towel or other protective material.

  10. Residents should shower prior to entering pool.

  11. A clear area of three (3) feet around the perimeter of the pool shall be maintained. Do not place chairs within that area.

  12. Pool access key is required to gain entrance to the pool area.

SIGN: No signs, nameplate, signal, advertisement, posters or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any window, door balcony or terrace without the express prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

KEY: The Association shall have access to each unit in the event of any emergency to repair or replace any Common Element or to prevent damage to other units. All unit keys will be kept in a secure lock box. No member shall change existing locks or install additional locks unless duplicate keys are provided to the Association. Therefore, the office shall require a key to each unit in the Condominium. If the office does not have a key and has to gain access for an emergency the unit owner will incur the expense to break into the unit.

UNAUTHORIZED PARKING: All unit owners have title to one parking space. It is for your personal transportation. No trucks, motorcycles, trailers, campers, motor homes or commercial vehicles may be parked in any space without prior approval by the Board of Directors.

Repair service and delivery vehicles are expected when performing their services. All parking permits (for owner, renters and guests) shall be issued at the condo office. You must park in your assigned space or a guest space.

Dated permits for short term (under 30 days) guest should be obtained from the condo office.


Except in emergencies, no vehicle maintenance or repair is allowed on condominium property. Also, no vehicles shall be washed or polished on condominium property. Damage to asphalt areas resulting from the above will be repaired at the unit owner's expense.

COMPLIANCE WITH DOCUMENTS: All members, and every lessee, guest or visitors of a member, shall comply with all of the terms, conditions, covenants, restrictions and limitations contained in the Declarations of Condominium, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations.

RULES CHAGES: The Board of the Association reserves the right to change or revoke existing rules and regulations and to make such additional rules and regulations from time to time as in their opinion shall be necessary or desirable for the safety and protection of the buildings and their occupants, to promote cleanliness and good order of the property and to assure the comfort and convenience of members.

Compliance with the rules and regulations will result in good community living for all parties enjoying residency herein.



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